A “last-ditch effort” pays off

helping children with autism

“You couldn’t run a school like this with just government funding. You need parent involvement, community involvement and teacher involvement to help our children thrive.”

By the time he was in seventh grade, Shea had been to several schools. Diagnosed as having an emotional behavior disorder and being on the autism spectrum, at one school after another he was not getting the attention he needed to develop real-world skills for the future.

Hearing about the Center for Children, Shea’s mother, Shandon, the former president of SDA Security in San Diego, visited and interviewed our staff. “I didn’t know anything about the Center, and going there was a last-ditch effort,” Shandon says. “But it was absolutely the best thing!”

Since enrolling in our seventh grade class in February of 2013, Shandon has seen Shea “turn around 180 degrees; he’s a new child! The Center staff really knows how to help Shea. I go to work now knowing Shea is safe, and he’s improving academically and interacting socially.”

“It’s been a tremendous experience!”

Thank you for partnering with us to make amazing turnarounds like Shea’s possible. As Shandon says, “It’s the community donations and involvement that make the Center’s programs so successful for our children.” Your gifts truly do make a difference!