Strategic Plan

Boy with KiteA Time of Change

In 2013, San Diego Center for Children underwent an extensive strategic planning process for years 2014-2016.

As we began to see public funding and traditional referral sources for children’s behavioral health continue to shift – while the need for services continue to increase – we knew we must be proactive and prepared to provide for our community’s children.

Click to view our 2013 Strategic Plan Introduction and Executive Summary.

A Plan for the Future

From this process was born our new Vision and Mission Statement:


Inspire a world where all children and families live joyful, healthy lives.


Protect the joy of childhood. Prevent emotional suffering. Incite change.

And further from this planning, we defined the strategic goals that will allow us to achieve our Vision. A division of external and internal goals were made so we could remain sharply focused on why we exist as a non-profit organization: to improve the quality of life in the community.

Our External Strategic Goals for 2014-2016:

  • Impact more children and families with behavioral health challenges
  • Identify and integrate new innovations and best practices to constantly expand our knowledge and application
  • Engage community to invest, advocate and partner on behalf of our community’s children
  • Produce socially significant outcomes

Our Internal Strategic Goals for 2014-2016:

  • Strengthen employee and organizational culture
  • Create greater mission awareness
  • Engage community to financially invest
  • Build organizational excellence