Academy Teacher Shares from the Heart

August 1, 2014, marked the last day of the school year. Teachers get a little reprieve before starting back up on September 2 – a much-needed break!

However, one teacher is so inspired by his work that he shared from the heart to his fellow team members on the last day of the school year. What incredible people, educating and bettering the lives of the 87 students in our Academy… you guys rock. Read what he had to say!

Staff Photo to publishWith the end of the year here, I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and safe break and say thank you to everyone for every little thing you do.

Five years doesn’t seem like that long of a time in real life, but here at the center it is an eternity. In the past 5 years I have seen many students and staff grow into even better people than how they began.
Through our hard work:
The toughest students have become a little less tough. They are replaced with even more difficult students and the cycle continues. They are the reason we do what we do and the reason we all care so much. The students who stand off begin to open up. The loud students get put in their place but never lose that voice that makes them special. The quiet students find their voice and their support in people who care. The quirkiest students find their best friends and the followers become leaders when we never thought they could.
The new staff become veterans. The veteran staff become Gubens. Through all the trial and tribulations the Academy stays together when all else fails. I am truly happy to see everyone succeed in so many ways.
  • To those that have come and gone, I wish them the best.
  • To those who will be leaving us next, we will miss you dearly and hope nothing more than the greatest success in all your future endeavors. Be sure to stay in touch.
  • For all the newbies, come back stronger and more determined to make even more of a difference. We are so happy to have you all and the school is a better place because of you.
  • Finally, for those still here, through it all, keep on keeping on. From the name calling, to the hitting, spitting, kicking, head-butting, and everything else these kids can do to us, we will win. They will be better off because they came to our school. Everyday I come to work you all make it a better place to be then the day prior. Everyone here makes me a better person day in and day out and the same can be said for every student.
Thanks to everyone. Catch you on the flipside.