Adopt a Child’s Wish List

Your gifts can remind our children of the joy of childhood this holiday season.

Adopt a Child's Wish List

The 65 children and teens in our Residential Treatment Program are receiving care and behavioral health treatment 24/7. Close to 50% of them have been removed from an abusive or neglectful home and are in foster homes. Some of them have very loving families, but their emotional challenges have caused unsafe behaviors and they are not well enough to live at home.

These children are struggling emotionally and many are not able to be “home for the holidays” with family this year.

To adopt the Wish List for a child or teen in our Residential Program, please contact:

Karitina Morett, Development Coordinator
(858) 569-3935

*If all Residential lists are adopted, we hope you will please consider sponsoring any of the other urgent needs for all our programs found HERE.