Megaphone ManA Shift on the Horizon

The San Diego Center for Children knows there is a significant shift that needs to occur to better address, prevent and treat behavioral and mental illnesses.

Funding, public policy, stigma, education, awareness, story-sharing… all of these and more play a part in this shift and this must happen if we plan to create healthier, more productive communities.  This is absolutely essential to meeting the Center’s Vision of inspiring a world where all children and families live joyful, healthy lives.

But this Vision is too large to be met alone.

These factors are present in our neighborhoods and families, schools and counties, states and federal governments.  This means bands of people must comes together to Incite Change in order for this to be realized and for everyone around us to live happier and healthier lives.

And it begins with you.  Learn more about the Problem and the Solution here.