Help us Change the Holiday Experience for San Diego’s at-risk Kids + Families

Holiday Wish List

Many of the children in our Residential program had never made a Wish List before.

By Moisés Barón, Ph.D.

For most of us, the holidays are a time we associate with joy. It marks a precious time to reconnect with friends and family. Share a festive meal and holiday cheer. But for many of the children, parents  and foster families we serve, the holidays have a much different meaning. For many, the holidays bring back reminders of trauma or abuse. For others, there’s a lack of consistency making the holiday season a time of stress and uncertainty. And in some case, families simply aren’t able to celebrate the holidays together, whether that’s due to financial or behavioral health issues that keep them apart this time of year.

Our holiday Wish List program is designed to give these kids and their families a joyous holiday experience.  And this new experience can only happen when we work together.  When we, as a community come together to bring hope and support to at-risk children + families, it means much more than a new toy or a gift card. It shows them that San Diego does care and is committed to their well-being.

Many of the children in our Residential Treatment Program had never made a Wish List before. In fact, they had never even thought about making one because no one had ever asked them too. And even after they did make their lists, many of the items they wished for are basic: new clothes, a soccer ball, a favorite book.  Many of the things most kids take for granted.  I hope you’ll consider Adopting a Child’s Wish List this holiday.

This year, we’ve decided to expand the idea of the child’s Wish List to include some of the families in need we serve throughout the County.  Here, you’ll find easy ways to donate grocery gift cards and other basic necessities to help them celebrate the holidays.

san diego center for children

Many of the items on the children’s Wish Lists are basic: new clothes, a soccer ball, a favorite book.

We’ve also partnered with Amazon Smile so that a portion of your purchase from our Wish Lists will come back as donations to the Center!

Finally, I hope you and your family will join us Thursday, December 18 for our 2nd Annual Holiday FUNDrive. This event is open to the public and a time to drop off any donations, but most of all, it’s a time to celebrate this magical time of year, and with your help, bring joy to children at the Center!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season spending time with the ones you love.