UCSD Department of Psychiatry Gifford Clinic Outpatient Services

UC San Diego Health provides expert psychiatry and behavioral health care to people throughout the Southern California region.

Our clinicians are dedicated to helping patients and families affected by mental illness by providing state-of-the-art, evidence-based, personalized, and compassionate mental health care.

Our psychiatric services include both clinic-based and hospital-based services for adults and seniors.

In addition to excellent patient care, UC San Diego is a top research center for psychiatric conditions and innovations in therapy.

Casa Palmera

Casa Palmera is committed to providing superior treatment to individuals and their family members suffering from the disease of addiction and behavioral health disorders. Our unique holistic program of healing incorporates the language of recovery, philosophy and psychology. Distinctive attention is given to the education of achieving balance and a rewarding lifestyle through the integration of fitness, wholesome eating, stress management, and spiritual reflection.

Puente de Vida

At Puente de Vida, we have a healthy respect for the medical complications and nutritional deficits caused by eating disorders, but food is not our central focus. Our treatment philosophy addresses the symptoms and the underlying causes of eating disorders. We know that genetic issues of personality traits and temperaments, environmental and cultural pressures, along with issues of depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD are at the root of many eating disorders. We recognize that you enter treatment with your own unique, complex issues and we provide a healing environment where the issues that fuel your eating disorder can be safely explored. Lasting recovery requires identifying the thought patterns and behavior changes necessary to release you from the grip of your eating disorder. We will help you to examine your relationships, identify your triggers, and foster your own internal resources to facilitate healing, growth and recovery.

Progressive Recovery Counseling Services

Progressive Recovery Counseling Services is committed to providing a broad spectrum of individualized treatment plans and services to our community. We are one of the only counseling services in the Western US that specifically offers a focused treatment tract to address the complicated relationship between eating disorders and drug/alcohol addictions. Whether it is chemical dependency, an eating disorder, or co-dependence, our groups, family and individual services provide a place to heal, grow and find lasting freedom in recovery.

Potentia Therapy

In addition to addressing common issues around depression, anxiety, marital and family stress, grief and loss, relationship struggles, college/post college life and midlife adjustments, postpartum challenges, parenting issues and wellness concerns, we also offer our clients specialized care addressing trauma, food and body issues, shame resilience and perfectionism.

Eating Disorder Center of San Diego

Eating Disorder Center of San Diego is a premier treatment center that provides eating disorder treatment in san Diego and surrounding areas. For both our teen and adult programs, we include a combination of therapies, as well as support and guidance for involved families, to support clients in treatment. We will partner with clients (and families) to provide outstanding eating disorder help in San Diego that is unmatched and will meet the unique needs of each participating member.

Center for Discovery: Adolescent Program

Our teen eating disorder treatment settings provides a place where residents and their families can be guided and comforted through the treatment process. Our home-like setting and limited number of residents allows for the most personalized of care for each resident to address their specific needs and situation in a relaxed and spacious environment. Through our residential La Jolla location, the experiences, skills and knowledge learned during treatment are more easily related and transferred to life beyond treatment.

Center for Discovery: Adult Program

Center for Discovery Del Mar is a leader in residential treatment for women struggling with eating disorders as a primary diagnosis. We are solely committed to helping adult women with eating disorders achieve long-term recovery and live happy and productive lives. During our more than 15 year history, we have developed our proprietary treatment method that delivers successful results and has earned us a legacy of success. At Center for Discovery, we understand that women with eating disorders both need and deserve specialized treatment that is personalized for their individual situation. By keeping eating disorder treatment as our sole focus, treatment can be specialized, leading to a more effective and efficient program.

Montecatini Eating Disorder Treatment Center

For more than 20 years, Montecatini has been helping adolescent and adult women struggling with eating disorders. In our warm and intimate environment, we provide safe and effective treatment to even the most complex and high acuity patients. Our goal is to return those who choose to heal with us to functional and joyful lives, secure in their own recovery.

Rady Children’s Hospital: Medical Behavioral Unit

Inpatient care is provided for children, adolescents and young adults with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and related eating disorders. These patients include those who have abnormal cardiovascular function or are severely underweight and require nutrition intervention and monitoring under expert care.