One-of-a-Kind Online Database for Transition-Aged Youth Launches This Week!

transitionteenIt’s LIVE – our Successful Transitions online database is available to the community!

As the recipient of the 2014 Bank of America’s Neighborhood Builders Grant, the Center was able to put into motion our newest initiative to help transition-aged youth (TAY) struggling with behavioral, emotional and cognitive disorders with a more streamlined and supported path into adulthood. The grant supported a coordinator position who began collaborating with key clinical staff on a methodology to support three major components of this program: a youth’s comprehensive assessment tool, leading to the creation of an individualized plan for transition and working with a coach/mentor to assist the youth in implementing his/her plan.

Another key component identified for this initiative was a searchable online database that would provide a hub of transition community resources and providers all across San Diego county. This database would allow families, our staff, and anyone working with the TAY population, to access and connect youth with resources in several areas critical to transition such as education, career planning, housing, financial literacy and emotional/mental health + well-being.

The call for help with this unique resource was answered this summer by St. Germaine Children’s Charity, as they generously provided the funding necessary for the Center to design and develop the database that is now live and accessible to the public today!

More stories to come on the progress of this vital program that will truly transform the way teens with special needs are transitioning from youth services to independent living and an adult system of care.

View the Successful Transitions online database here!