Foster Care


The best place for a child is in a home.

We believe this home should be a safe, nurturing environment that promotes a well-rounded, joyful childhood. It should also provide the structure and role-modeling children need in order to learn good choices and healthy behaviors.

Over 3,000 children in San Diego have been taken from their home because of ongoing abuse and unspeakable neglect. Even after emotional and physical trauma, some children are resilient enough to be removed from this unhealthy environment and then thrive in a supportive foster home. During this time, parents have an opportunity to improve their health and the environment they are providing their children.

However, 20% of these children have been so traumatized that a loving and caring home is not enough. They need ongoing counseling, healthy structure and multiple role-models to treat the behavioral disorders they are experiencing, many times due to harmful environment and circumstances in their early years.

The San Diego Center for Children helps these 20%“treatment-level” foster children across the region with both placement in homes, as well as the accompanying therapy, support and case management the children and families need.

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