Become a Foster Parent

Become a Foster Parent

Foster Children Need More Than A Home.

Many foster children have no proof that they can rely on someone to love and care for them. They may have difficulty with trust, affection, confidence and security. And these difficulties can greatly affect their social behaviors and relationship-building skills, as well as agreement with authority (parents, teachers or other.) Many times these lead to disruptive or significantly unhealthy behaviors.

When these behaviors become present, sometimes the only option is placement in a high-level residential treatment center or group home. However, research has shown that with more individualized care in foster homes, these children have much greater success with their recovery, as well as their permanent placement in a home…whether it’s reunifying with biological parents, relatives or adoption.

Become a Foster Parent Today!

Our Special Families Foster Care program needs foster homes in order to meet the needs of hundreds of children in San Diego. These children need a safe, nurturing environment provided by foster parents – along with the therapeutic support provided by the Center – so that they have a chance at the healthy and joyful childhood they deserve.

Special Families Foster Care provides:

  • Comprehensive training for foster parents
  • Accessible staff support
  • Evidence-based therapy for your foster child in a family environment
  • Tools and structure for your foster child to regain emotional and behavioral health

Qualifications to become a Foster Parent:

❏ Age 21 or older
❏ Available space in your home with a separate bed for a child
❏ Single or two-parent homes welcome
❏ Ability to attend certification trainings
❏ Time and energy to care for a child
❏ Eagerness to make a significant impact in a child’s life

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Wendy Vang
Program Coordinator – Special Families Foster Care
(858) 569-2113

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