Place a Child in a Foster Home

Special Families Foster Care

Our Foster Family Agency (FFA), Special Families Foster Care, helps match foster children to families throughout San Diego.  We understand the individualization that each placement requires and we work with diverse population of families, ranging in age, race/culture, gender and location.  We are sensitive in helping you meet the best fit for the child and have an overall focus on family relationships including bio-family visits and reunification.

We use evidence-based treatments in our program, including the Multi-dimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC) model for Preschool and Adolescent age groups (MTFC-P and MTFC-A.)  These two models are Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC) level and focus on stabilizing the child and ultimately return him to a permanent living situation in a family setting.  The MTFC model is nationally recognized with proven research to its effectiveness on the child’s experience in the foster home.  Exceptional behavioral and long-term permanency benefits for the child exist, as well as outstanding economic and socio-economic benefits.

Foster children in our program see great success with high graduation rates, low disruption rates, and many times, permanent placement following our program.  Our staff is accessible, highly-qualified and experienced in the field.  The dedicated team covers expertise in therapy, case management, education, trauma-informed care, community resources, skills training, and other supportive services.

We gladly accept referrals from Child Welfare Services, Probations and Adoptions Assistance Program.

For more information, please contact:

Stewart Holzman, MFT
Program Manager – Special Families Foster Care
(858) 569-2116