Children’s Residential Program

Our Cottages

Our Children’s Residential Program includes a Level 12 and Level 14 group home, ages 6-13, treating up to 40 children at capacity. There are five cottages in this program that house eight children, each with their own room and plenty of space for group time as a cottage family – an intention to closely replicate the experience of living at home with other family members. Much of the day is spent outdoors and exploring new ways of learning and growing.

We understand that there can be considerable additional trauma for children removed from their home for live-in treatment The Center entirely embraces and applies trauma-informed principles that allow us to gain trust and build progress at an appropriate pace. From the start, our Intake Coordinator walks through all steps, introducing the team who is helping your child. We are here to answer all of your questions.

Comprehensive Assessment

We know that no two children are alike. One behavioral health disorder may present entirely different in one child compared to another. Understanding each child’s experiences, personalities and diagnoses is extremely critical in mapping out the best individualized plan for treatment

Many children come with files and folders of assessments administered from various sources, while others have nominal tracking of background and examination. Within the first few weeks of admission, each child is screened for the need of a comprehensive behavioral health assessment provided by our on-site clinical team. This assessment allows us to best understand the neurological, psychological, developmental, emotional and intellectual position each presents – and we build a thorough and appropriate treatment plan with realistic goals around these results.

Daily Routine

Each day’s schedule is planned in advance in order to provide structure, dependability and predictability. As part of the treatment team, our professional child development staff work with the children during transitions throughout the day and ensure skills that are being learned are nurtured and strengthened in real-life applications. They serve as a coach in several domains and truly are the child’s front-line advocate and mentor.

Many children in this program also attend the San Diego Center for Children Academy on the same campus. Before school, morning routines are followed and the “commute” to school is a rather easy one. For those attending off-campus schools, transportation is either provided by the school or Center staff. After school, programming continues through bedtime with active and passive activities blended with therapy groups and nutritious meals. On the weekends, a variety of activities and outings may be planned. Children may have the opportunity to go “on pass” with family members, if appropriate.


For admission with private pay or insurance, please contact us directly at (858) 633-4106. The Center accepts most major insurance plans. The Center also accepts public funding referrals from county social workers, school districts, adoption assistance and others.

For more information, please contact:

Janelle Battaglia, MSW
Intake Coordinator
(858) 633-4106