California College-San Diego Campus

California College San Diego is a private, independent educational institution dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and training you need for success in your chosen career. As an accredited school that focuses on student needs, you can be confident CCSD will provide you an education that allows you to capitalize on your full potential. You can earn a degree in a variety of specialized areas through the healthcare, graphic arts, business, and information technology programs at California College San Diego. Associate’s and bachelor’s degrees are offered, depending on the program you choose. And you can achieve an associate’s degree in 20 months or less, and a bachelor’s degree in 36 months or less, depending on your major.


Educational programs in specialized areas of healthcare, graphic arts, business, and informational technology; Associate's and Bachelor's degrees offered.

Payment Options:

Financial aid (student loans, scholarships, and grants) and self-pay.



Type of Needs: