Casa de Amparo: Residential Services

Casa Kids, prenatal through 18 years old, who have been traumatized by severe child abuse or neglect, stay at the Casa Kids Campus, a safe and nurturing setting on 11.4 acres of land in San Marcos, California. Each Casa Kid receives comprehensive trauma informed care tailored to their individual physical, social, emotional, developmental, and educational needs, while also ensuring they have as many healthy childhood experiences as possible. Casa de Amparo is licensed to accept ambulatory and non-ambulatory children and those with special healthcare needs. It is the only licensed group home in San Diego County serving pregnant and/or parenting foster youth.


24/7 care, crisis intervention, and support, therapeutic rehabilitation and recreation programs, individual and group counseling, psychiatric evaluation and medication management, full time and on-call nursing services, healthy leisure and cultural trips, supervised visits with supportive family members, life, social, nutrition, and career guidance

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