Hanbleceya: Transitional Outpatient Program

Hanbleceya’s Transitional Outpatient program is reserved for Hanbleceya clients who have completed the semi-independent living program and are ready to transition to independent, non-staff supported living. We see this as a natural step in the process of building a healthy life outside of hospitals and inpatient treatment programs, a step some may refer to as the “maintenance stage” of recovery. Clients at this point have generally demonstrated a sustained ability to manage their symptoms and medication responsibly, require minimal supervision or intervention to maintain their therapeutic gains, have developed proficiency in household maintenance and upkeep, uphold healthy social connections, work or go to school consistently, manage their money responsibly, and have taken initiative in not only their own recovery, but helping others recover as well.


2-3 days per week of IOP programming, individualized treatment plans based on client’s needs and school/job schedule

Payment Options:

Private pay/will provide superbill for reimbursement for those with PPOs


Type of Needs: