Institute for Effective Education: Urban Skills Center

Urban Skills Center serves up to 50 young adults with mild to moderate learning disabilities, ages 18 – 22. Some of our students are studying to complete a high school education and obtain a diploma from their school district. All of our students are acquiring important social, vocational, and independent living skills that are designed to optimize their post-school employment and living options.


Urban Skills Center emphasizes student transition to adult life from the time of enrollment. Students are initially taught skills on the Urban Skills Center campus and then they are taken to the community settings that are chosen in order to maximize generalization of the newly acquired skills. The typical student spends only part of the school day on the Urban Skills Center campus. The remainder of the school day is spent at job sites or at other community locations that permit practicing the social skills, independent living skills, and vocational skills they have been taught. By the time our seniors graduate, most have experienced a wide variety of apprentice-like job opportunities, both volunteer and paid. They are ready for work or junior college enrollment.



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