Interfaith: El Nido Program

El Nido (“the nest” in Spanish) is our transitional living program for homeless victims of domestic violence and their families. Located in central San Diego, in a safe, confidential location, the project offers stability in housing while allowing residents to offer emotional support to each other and reduce isolation during this stressful time in their lives. It also is respectful of residents’ autonomy and provides as close to a real-life scenario as possible. Residents live in an 11-unit apartment complex for up to a year or more and, with the assistance of social workers, obtain the counseling, child care, employment, educational, and transportation services they need to become self-sufficient. Each of the units was beautifully furnished by a local congregation.


12-18 months of transitional housing in furnished apartments, on-site children’s enrichment program, computer tutor & art classes

Payment Options:

Pay 30% of income in rent



Type of Needs: