Neighborhood House Association: Friendship Clubhouse

Friendship Clubhouse strives to create a safe, supportive environment that is sensitive to each member’s unique needs. Friendship Clubhouse focuses on socialization, social and independent living skills enhancement, wellness and recovery, recreation and vocational rehabilitation. The goal of Friendship Clubhouse is the empowerment of members to re-establish their normal roles in the community and to successfully re-integrate into community life through active participation in the planning and achievement of their personal recovery goals. Friendship Clubhouse members can choose how often they attend the program and in which activities they participate. Membership in the program is not a prerequisite to attend program activities or benefit from its services.


Self-help groups, independent living skills classes, peer support and advocacy, Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP), vocational support groups, assistance with employment or volunteer activities, computer lab, games and entertainment, field trips, arts and crafts, fitness, referrals


Type of Needs:

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