Pathfinders of San Diego: Recovery Homes

Pathfinders of San Diego is a long term, residential, social-model men’s recovery home that has been treating those suffering from alcoholism since 1950. Located in beautiful San Diego, Pathfinders provides a safe and pro-social environment that is beneficial to the healing process. Using a biopsychosocial approach to treatment of alcohol addiction, pathfinders provides our residents an affordable, long term reintegration solution while acquiring the tools to achieve long term sobriety and a healthy, productive and independent life.

Multiple locations in San Diego


Residents attend daily AA meetings and are expected to contribute to the cost of their stay. They volunteer for the many community-support projects in which Pathfinders participates and for which it receives widespread recognition. Residents typically spend from three to nine months in the recovery home.

Payment Options:

The average cost-per-day for a Pathfinders resident is $35. Pathfinders does not accept insurance.


Type of Needs: