Puente de Vida

At Puente de Vida, we have a healthy respect for the medical complications and nutritional deficits caused by eating disorders, but food is not our central focus. Our treatment philosophy addresses the symptoms and the underlying causes of eating disorders. We know that genetic issues of personality traits and temperaments, environmental and cultural pressures, along with issues of depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD are at the root of many eating disorders. We recognize that you enter treatment with your own unique, complex issues and we provide a healing environment where the issues that fuel your eating disorder can be safely explored. Lasting recovery requires identifying the thought patterns and behavior changes necessary to release you from the grip of your eating disorder. We will help you to examine your relationships, identify your triggers, and foster your own internal resources to facilitate healing, growth and recovery.


Medical stabilization, nutritional restoration, individual, group, and family therapy, yoga, psychoeducation, and medication management

Payment Options:

Insurance is accepted on a case by case basis.


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