San Diego Center for Children: Clark Adolescent Program

The Clark Adolescent Treatment Cottage is a Level 14 group home for ages 13-18, treating up to 30 children at capacity. Most rooms are shared, dormitory style, with same gender youth, in order to encourage social and communication skills, preparing for possible real-life scenarios. A large focus in this program is placed on Independent Living Skills, as many are working towards emancipation and self-supported adulthood. Many times, there is a significant learning curve of necessary skills that are needed to perform some of life’s basic activities: hold a job, rent an apartment, open a bank account, access public transportation, shop for living essentials, maintain personal hygiene, and prepare nutritious, affordable meals. We understand these teens need space to express independence and build healthy relationships while also given the confidence that any youth seeks during such an insecure and vulnerable time. The Clark Adolescent Treatment Program is equipped to teach these skills in real-life applications, preparing each teen for a successful transition into their next phase on their journey.


Residential care, 24/7 supervision, individual, group, and family therapy, crisis intervention, independent living skills training, recreational activities including clubs, sports, and outings, psychiatry and medication management

Payment Options:

We receive referrals from County social workers, school districts and Adoption Assistance, but also accept private insurance and private pay.


Type of Needs: