Second Chance: Juvenile Options for Lifelong Transition Program

In 2009, Second Chance launched its Juvenile Options for Lifelong Transition Program (JOLT). The JOLT Program is dedicated to providing a comprehensive custody-to-community reentry model based on evidence based practices with the goal to prevent further involvement with the judicial system and support transition aged youth into adulthood. The JOLT Program provides support for 14-24 year old young adults who are often gang involved or affected, and are transitioning from incarceration back into the community. The program serves high risk, transition aged youth, reentering the community and includes gang intervention activities thus increasing public safety and neighborhood wellness.


The services offered through the JOLT Program support the development of skills and abilities needed for successful transition to adulthood. These include being able to 1) live independently, 2) determine an initial career path, 3) find and maintain meaningful employment and/or post-secondary education, 4) establish fulfilling relationships with family and friends, and 5) choose leisure activities that enhance a rewarding adult life.

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