Thank You, Ryan Shorthill and Team!

ryanshorthill1The Clark Adolescent Center recently built a new room for family therapy and family visits. It’s so important for a room like this to have a look and feel that is welcoming, warm and comfortable.

Enter Ryan Shortill, the CEO and Founder of Positive Adventures. He’s involved in the Accelerator program, an international program for entrepreneurial growth. The board was discussing ways to give back when Ryan shared the Center. He knew a mural could make a big difference in the Clark Adolescent Center – a residential treatment cottage providing 24/7 therapeutic care for 30 teenagers.

So Ryan asked his dear friend and owner of Matt Licata Painting to volunteer and come in the night before to help paint and prep the room. The following day, Rob Tobin from the local non profit A Reason to Survive (ARTS) came in and helped outline the painting.

Once everything was prepped, the group came in to pull it all together. The design was created via a collaboration between program staff and the volunteer group.

It was a great day of learning about the Center and ARTS, building relationships and bringing the community together in a colorful act of service. Once they finished, all 20 folks joined in a drum circle while also learning about the therapeutic benefits of making music together!