Thank You Farrell Family Foundation & ResMed Foundation!

You Make Success Possible!

The Farrell Family Foundation & ResMed Foundation have been valuable partners in our efforts to help bring hope and healing to San Diego children and families.Thank You

We’re fortunate to have been awarded by the Farrell Family Foundation a 3-year grant for $105,000 to support our Academy’s Intensive Reading Improvement Program. Additionally, the ResMed Foundation has approved a $10,000 grant for our school’s Intensive Math Improvement Program.

Both of these programs give highly-focused, individualized instruction to a student who is struggling in either subject, helping them reach the academic skills at their appropriate grade level. Oftentimes, the needs of students struggling with mental or emotional health challenges aren’t able to be addressed entirely in a traditional school classroom and many come to the Center’s Academy multiple grade levels below in critical subject areas. This can have a devastating impact in their academic success – and beyond.

Because of the generosity of our donors, we are able to provide the excellent level of therapeutic care and special education that is truly changing the lives for these extraordinary young people. Each gift made to the Center allows the resources to ensure each child’s individual needs are skillfully and fully addressed… with the goal to set each on a solid trajectory for a lifetime of success.