Volunteer Spotlight

Mrs. WoolwayMeet Ms. Woolway!

Of the nearly 100 students that attend the San Diego Center for Children Academy, approximately 35% enter the program significantly behind in reading. This means children (already struggling with behavioral or emotional health challenges) are multiple grade levels behind in this critical skill. And with many traditional schools unequipped to provide the 1-on-1 attention they really need in this area, their education – and classroom behaviors – suffer tremendously. For this reason, the Center asked the community to support the launch of our Intensive Reading Improvement Program in 2009. The results have been astounding… and the volunteer work amazing.

For the past four years, Ms. Woolway has graciously volunteered her time working with struggling readers in the Intensive Reading Improvement Program. Ms. Woolway has a Master of Arts in Special Education and 40+ years of experience in educational settings. She has also been trained in the various evidence-based reading programs that are blended into our unique and student-focused curriculum that we offer at the Academy.

Despite staying busy through consulting, private tutoring, and professional development workshops, she always finds time to be here every Tuesday to help our students. She has a positive and encouraging attitude–no matter what challenges she encounters when working with our students. Her depth of knowledge and nurturing demeanor has impacted every student who has the pleasure of working with her!

Thank you for making an incredible difference for our students, Ms. Woolway!