You Made This Possible!

A warm, homey kitchen + living area for our residential teens this holiday!

Thanks to the extraordinary support of so many, our Clark Adolescent Treatment Cottage went through an incredible transformation this year! With a generous gift from friends of the Center, Jack and Carol Clark, to begin a remodel within this therapeutic residential program, we then opened up the project for the community for help… and you responded! Individual donors came forward AND outstanding support was given through the online voting last spring that allowed us to win a makeover from the IKEA USA Life Improvement Challenge.

The newly remodeled areas include the Clark Culinary Kitchen, the Family Room, Game Room, Store, and Nursing Station. The next phase includes continued improvements like the addition of a sensory room – a key component in teaching emotional awareness and self-regulation – which is already funded by our Iris Auxiliary.

The Clark Adolescent Treatment Program (named after the Clarks) houses 30 teens, ages 13-18, who have such acute need for therapeutic care that they are living away from home in order to get the intensive level of care they need to regain health and well-being. For this program and the young people living here, it is absolutely essential to have a conducive and nurturing space where residents can build critical life skills and simply have a space that feels more like “home.”

Perhaps the most dramatic of the overall remodel is the addition of the Clark Culinary Kitchen that expanded a tiny, crowded kitchen to an expansive, state-of-the-art facility. This space allows the youth we serve to learn not only crucial life skills but also vocational abilities for a brighter future. WIth contributions from Orness Design Group, DJ Home Plus, Imperial Stove and IKEA, the kitchen is outfitted with all new kitchen appliances, cabinets, fresh paint and countertops… an area that will be soon welcome local chefs to teach teens kitchen and cooking skills and how they might transfer them into job skills within the hospitality industry.

During the recent “unveil” event to showcase these wonderful upgrades to such an important program for the community’s youth, several of the young people living at Clark Cottage served delicious appetizers and specialty fall beverages, while also giving tours of the newly-remodeled rooms for guests.