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For 20 years, we have partnered with the County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services and several East County school districts to provide outpatient mental health services for children and families who are Medi-Cal beneficiaries or uninsured.  Children and teens receive therapy services that focus on individual coping, communication and social skills, improved emotional health and overall well-being at home, school and in their community. These services are fully covered by state and federal funds, so there is no cost to families. Our team of dedicated and highly trained clinicians provide a number of evidence-based therapies and culturally relevant services to ensure that children and families receive high quality and effective care.

School Link Program Services

Our partnership with the County of San Diego and east region school districts (La Mesa/Spring Valley, Grossmont, Lemon Grove and Lakeside) allows students in 27 elementary, middle and high schools to receive services on their school campus and at our clinic offices.

  • School collaboration allows students to be supported in their mental health and academic success.
  • Individualized therapy services are developed for each child to maximize their participation and success in achieving their personally designed goals.
  • Family participation in services is key to successful outcomes. Parents know their children best and our team is designed to support families beyond the therapy session.
  • Case management and Peer support is also available to assist families in obtaining additional services to help their children succeed, and families to stay strong.
  • Psychiatry services for medication evaluation and management are available to youth receiving therapy services through the clinic.
  • Support groups are offered throughout the year for special topics. Groups may be held at school, in our clinic or online.
  • Bilingual Services are offered in Spanish by our staff, and professional interpreter services will be provided for any family when requested.

However, any child or youth in San Diego county– underinsured, uninsured or with Medi-Cal – can be referred in for therapy at our clinic (link back to outpatient services should go here). Parents or caregivers can learn more about this option by calling (619) 668-6200.

Contracted School-Based Services

Additionally, we welcome any school district interested in partnering with us to offer our therapeutic services to their students. Services may be provided to align with the Multi-Tiered Support Services (MTSS) model for individual students or whole school services.  We can assist your school in leveraging funding from local, state, federal or grant sources. Schools or districts may call us at (619) 668-6200 or fill out the contact form.

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Si necesita ayuda para su hijo(a) o tiene preguntas, llámenos al (858) 277-9550.

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