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Serving over 1,000 children and families everyday

The Center has cared for children and strengthened families since its establishment in 1887 and is one of San Diego’s most trusted resources and comprehensive behavioral health programs for children struggling with mental, emotional, and/or behavioral disorders and their families. Since 2015, the Center has been the only residential treatment provider for children age 12 and under in San Diego. With seven program sites anchored by a 12-acre main campus (which houses our residential programs and nonpublic school), the Center serves over 1,000 at-risk and underserved individuals every day.

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San Diego Center for Children

San Diego Center for Children strives to:

  • Promote long-term individual success by supporting and educating youth with mental, emotional challenges and their families
  • Support at-risk youth during their transition to adulthood
  • Impact early diagnosis and treatment rates of mental health disorders in San Diego County by increasing access to early assessment opportunities

Our Theory of Change:

The Center’s Theory of Change, which drives each of our programs, focuses on the prevention and early identification of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders—followed by timely and accessible clinical, educational, and family-centered interventions wherein families feel empowered and children reach their full potential.

Early identification and interventions are key. Through timely, tailored, and integrated treatment and support, the Center gives youth the best possible chance to discover and reach their potential. The Center provides life-changing support for both youth and their families, including specialized academic programs, wraparound in-home support, and intensive, clinic-based outpatient and residential treatment. This comprehensive approach represents an innovative way to bring much-needed services to families and children in need.

San Diego Center for Children

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Si necesita ayuda para su hijo(a) o tiene preguntas, llámenos al (858) 277-9550.

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    Main Campus:
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    San Diego, CA 92111

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