Center for Employment Training

CET training is designed to meet the needs of people over the age of 18 who want to learn a skill and find a job. The Open-Entry training model means that admission is possible at any time the applicant is ready.


Orientations for applicants are held at each training center. Applicants are given a full tour of the available training programs and encouraged to choose the program that most interests them. After an applicant has made a skill choice, an orientation specific to that program is given. The applicant meets with the skill instructor to discuss employment opportunities and course expectations. If the decision is made to enroll, an plan is developed for the individual. The plan incorporates results that guide the individual's training plan, identify possible barriers to completion, as well as supportive services that may be offered to minimize those barriers.

Payment Options:

Federal Financial Aid, scholarships, private payment


Type of Needs:

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