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Our Mission

The Mission of the San Diego Center for Children is to promote the well-being of children, youth, families, and communities by providing an array of proven and effective behavioral health, educational, and social services.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for San Diego's children and families to become the healthiest in the nation.

Our Center Today

The San Diego Center for Children is a 126 year old accredited nonprofit organization offering one of the most comprehensive behavioral health programs in the region for children from 3 to 18 years of age. Through our Center "safety net" of professionals and community partnerships, we strive to achieve solutions for children and families and to identify and assess behavioral issues long before they escalate.

The Continuum of Behavioral Health for Children

Our mission is achieved by implementing the Continuum of Behavioral Health for Children. The Continuum provides "one stop" identification, assessment, and treatment support for the family seeking help or the professional providing treatment. The Continuum is a solution based model of care that emphasizes the need for identification of behavioral issues and assessment of children as early as possible to maximize healthy outcomes.

Excellence in care throughout our programs

The Continuum of Behavioral Health for Children emphasizes excellence in care through therapeutic treatment, academic development and community partnerships in order for children to have the greatest potential to transition successfully into adulthood.

Our multi-disciplinary treatment teams are essential in the Continuum model to assess and treat the child. Research and evidence based practices are integrated into every practice to benchmark progress.