Therapeutic Services in Foster Homes

Foster Family Agency Stabilization and Treatment (FFAST)

Our Foster Family Agency Stabilization and Treatment (FFAST) program is the sole provider contracted with the County of San Diego to provide therapeutic treatment for children living in Foster Family Agency (FFA) level foster homes. We help children, ages 0-21, who meet medical necessity for behavioral healthcare services. Our typical clients are Medi-Cal beneficiaries who are dependents of the courts, and we may work with them through adoption, reunification, or other permanency options.

Foster Home TherapyWith a team of staff members in the community, our goal is to ensure stability in the child’s foster home placement, improve his/her health and well-being, and to work towards permanent placement. Our staff is highly specialized in working with traumatized children and youth. Training is a top priority to maintain effective and relevant therapeutic approaches.

Therapeutic Team and Approach:

Our clinical team consists of therapists, a psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse, family partners, and graduate interns in social work. In the spirit of the Center’s EMBRACE Model, the following evidence-based practices are used, along with attention to many other domains in the model that affect the child’s health:

  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Managing and Adaptive Practice (MAP)
  • Parent Management Trainings (PMT)
  • Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care for Adolescents (MTFC-A)

Comprehensive services include:

  • Individual therapy for the child
  • Family therapy (foster, biological, and adoptive)
  • Group therapy
  • Parent training groups
  • Crisis intervention
  • Family support and rehabilitation
  • Case management
  • Collateral support
  • Medication evaluation and monitoring

Services are generally provided during after-school hours, in a location convenient for the child and family (generally at home.) Psychiatry and other services are provided at our centrally-located office in Serra Mesa.

We have experienced wonderful outcomes with the children and families in our care. We believe that being flexible, setting meaningful goals and working with a team of people in the child’s environment (biological family members, community resources and other) are key to the child’s overall success.

Referrals to FFAST are typically made by FFA social workers, but are sometimes made by county social workers. The attached referral form can be printed and faxed to FFAST at 858.737.6972. If you would like a form fill version of this form, please email Aisha Pope at or call 858.633.4115

For more information, please contact:

Aisha Pope, LCSW
Program Manager – Foster Family Agency Stabilization and Treatment (FFAST)
(858) 633-4102