Group of Young ChildrenWhy Prevention?

As with any health condition, prevention is KEY in maintaining a healthy body and mind. The better care we take of ourselves – and those within our care – the better we feel over a longer period of time.

We know the importance of caring for physical aspects of our body and the long-term benefits this kind of attention provides:

  • Well-Child Checkups – We ensure our children are developing physically, cognitively, socially at appropriate rates for their age. Any “red flags” can be detected and addressed for further examination and can be valuable to understand these earlier than when they present a bigger problem.
  • Dental Visits – Taking proper care of our teeth and gums can prevent cavities, gingivitis and other oral infections and promote longer-lasting, healthier teeth and gums.
  • Eating Healthy, Being Active and Getting Rest – Our bodies need nutritious food, exercise and a good amount of “down time” in order to work optimally. These all contribute to how we feel and are experienced both physically (fatigue, aches, pains) and mentally (mood, perception of quality of life.)

It’s Interchangeable

Prevention for our behavioral health is no different. The better we take care of our “state of mind,” the greater joy, enthusiasm and overall quality of life we experience.

And just like when our physical body is healthy and in good shape, we have a brighter mental and emotional state, the inverse is also true: when we care about “how we feel” and take measures to prevent negative feelings (stress, anxiety, depression), this greatly impacts our physical health.

Research has shown that people who suffer from physical illnesses also have greater tendencies to suffer from mental and emotional challenges.

The key to avoid a spiral of poor health – physical or mental – is to PREVENT it from starting!

shutterstock_94281586What Can You Do Now?

There are many steps of prevention you and your family can take on your own. So many options on what to do and where to do it… and it can be FUN!

And start to link “how you feel” to the times when you are active and doing something you love.

  • Take a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood
  • Rake the leaves in your backyard and let your children play in the pile
  • Turn on some lively music and see who can come up with the silliest dance moves
  • Try a yoga class – and see who can try a headstand without falling over!
  • Grab some sidewalk chalk and have your child create a challenge path
  • Pull out crayons, paint, colored pencils, glitter, etc… with a large piece of butcher paper and create a unique art mural
  • Find a healthy recipe and have children help prepare something delicious

How We Can Help

Look for the San Diego Center for Children out in the community promoting prevention, awareness and healthy living:

  • Community Health Fairs & Speaking EngagementsContact us if you have an opportunity for us to participate at a booth or would like us to speak on a specific topic at your event (parenting skills, signs and symptoms of behavioral health disorders, bullying, etc…)
  • Lunch and Learns – Let us know if your company or organization would like Center staff to come and present a fun and educational Lunch and Learn event at your location.
  • In the Media – Connect with the Center on social media, read our blog and see us in the news as we share tips, advice and things to know in improving your behavioral health.