ClassroomSchool can be considered the child’s “workplace” and they have a need – and right – to receive a formal education. This education provides academic, living and social skills that sets a core foundation in a child’s life. When problems arise in the school setting, or a child is refusing to go to school, these are often indicators of larger issues that need to be addressed.

Behavioral health disorders can cause significant disruption at school and many times contribute to poor academic performance as well. When learning and school progress are affected, parents and caregivers may be able to work with the school to get the child on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP.) These plans outline various strategies and goals that can adjust the child’s school environment with a goal to improve overall performance.

The San Diego Center for Children runs two programs within schools in Carlsbad and the South Bay that give students hand-in-hand counseling and skill-building within their school day. In both programs, the school staff and Center staff work together to create a seamless blend of academic and therapeutic attention with significant focus on the student’s individual struggles – and strengths.

North County Academy, Carlsbad

LifeSchool, South Bay