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Teens, ages 15 to 18

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Successful Transitions© Program

Launched in 2018 after a one-year successful pilot, the Successful Transitions© Program at the San Diego Center for Children was developed to help guide at-risk transition-age youth in creating a personalized plan for the future while building the skills and community connections they need to achieve their goals and well-being. When transition-age youth struggle with behavioral health challenges, learning differences, development disabilities, and/or history of trauma and/or abuse, becoming an adult can feel especially overwhelming. These youth are highly susceptible to school dropout, unemployment, and homelessness. Mental health challenges impact their ability to manage emotions, communicate with others, cope with stressors, plan ahead, and follow through—all needed for success in adult life. And for foster youth, these challenges are further compounded by the lack of safety and support a family provides.

Our collective-impact approach brings together providers, agencies, and nonprofits to adopt this new methodology as a common framework to produce meaningful, systemic change in how at-risk youth receive the guidance and support they need to become successful members of our community.

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