Program Spotlight – The Foster Family Agency Stabilization and Treatment Program (FFAST)

FFAST has been an important program of the Center since 2011. The program supports children and youth, ages 0-21, who are in foster care and live in San Diego County foster family agency homes. They work in the community, providing services to youth and their families to support safety, wellbeing, and permanence. Their services include individual, family and group therapy, skills coaching, advocacy, case management, parenting classes, medication support, wraparound services, and Therapeutic Foster Care.

FFAST supports families in their reunification efforts and families as they move toward adoption. They work to support children and youth during challenging changes and loss. They also work with their clients and families around repairing and building secure attachments to support a child’s sense of safety and belonging. They play and laugh and provide appropriate space for tears. Their team partners with parents to help their clients process the hard and scary things they have experienced so they can live to their fullest potential.

Their amazing team includes therapists, parent and youth partners, Wrap and Therapeutic Foster Care clinicians, as well as a psychiatrist.

The FFAST offices are located:
2655 Camino del Rio N #450,
San Diego, CA 92108

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