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Fred Finch- San Diego Wraparound Services


A program designed to help youth participants who may struggle with the transition from the highly structured institutional residential environment that comes with being a ward or youth dependent back into society and to their respective home environments. The Wrap team works to identify the strengths in both the youth and in the family to enhance and preserve a positive environment after the transition. The team identifies and utilizes existing strengths to establish stability within the family unit and social support system to merit a court decision to end the youth’s dependency or ward status.


Assessment and intervention, individual and family counseling; case management; caregiver/parent coaching; crisis response; linking family/youth to natural and community support; and access to psychiatric support and medication.

Payment Options:


San Diego County youth dependents or wards of the court.

Types of Needs:

Emergency Needs, General Mental Health, Pregnant/Parenting

Transition Resource Categories

Independent Living Skills
Job & Career
Physical Health & Well-Bring
Emotional & Behavioral Well-Bring
Community Centers & Recreation
Benefits Assistance

Funded by the Generosity of

Bank of America

St. Germaine Children's Charity

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